Every 40 seconds the blade drops with a blam!
Followed by 30 seconds of steel on asphalt scrrrrrrrrrrrrape
With air so cold the echo shatters into dust against the wall
What’s left is the memory of the blade and scrape.

Warmless and naked, buffered by down
Woolen armor I take up arms against the frost
Temporary footprints that dissolve with the Spring
Leave no mark of this frozen combat

Bones are exposed and cold till May
Layers of down and tech do little to warm
Hot tea only remembers the summers past lives
Songs of peppermint and pine jackal and mock

Defiance and a middle finger is a poor attack
Relentless mindless invasion of frigid black
As inescapable as time, as inevitable as inertia
It pursues without question or pause

Enough I shriek to the hiding sun
The game was old and tiresome with each shrinking day
Wrestling and cajoling a minute gets added to the dawn
Celestial promises teases of thaws and crocuses

I am cousin to the moon and brother to the stars
Winter whispers to all we become each other
Take warmth where you may and solace when found
It is only a pause till my return

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