Field mice on ice floe
asking WTF we do
to earn frozen toes?


Field mice on crackers
crunchy yes, but smell of fish
sardine cans in trash


Field mice in space suits
Who allowed this to happen?
light this candle now!


Field mice on Quarters
Uncle Sam’s whiskers need a trim
four quarters get you a rat


Field mice in high tech
social manipulation
no Einstein’s needed


Field mice Lyft drivers
Uber has height restrictions
no one tips very well


Field Mice elected
Appointed to supreme court
can’t fuckn’ be worse


Field mice in music
Above human hearing range
sounds much like Elvis


Field mice like Pizza
Chicago style is the best
ignore NYC


Field mice in winter
Glad PJ can’t shave them all
takes months to grow back


Field mice in college
lots of crumbs in the dorm room
lots of squishy sex


Field Mice as bullets
ashamed I thought this thought
someday burn in hell


Field mice MBA’s
value Juicy Fruit wrappers
someone clue ‘em in

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