“What if I just stick it in my mouth? What will happen?” I asked.

There on the kitchen table were packets called Fizzies, just waiting for someone to try them. Across the table were my older brothers, Bill and Ralphie. Most times there were like a two headed monster and I stopped trusting them when they gave me a dog biskette and told me it was a cookie.

“Go on”, Ralphie encouraged.

“Try it’ Billy said as he opened the packet and dropped two small disks into my hand. “You’ll love it. Just put one on your tongue and keep your mouth closed.
I lifted one of the round disks and held it against my nose. It smelled like root beer and I liked root beer. I pressed my tongue against it and I could taste a sweet taste that confirmed root beer. I was still wary and asked them to try it first. They exchanged glances and then mumbled something about Mom saying they had had enough and that they should share. I’ve heard mom say that millions of times, but I’ve never known the two them to ever pay attention before.

I had seen the commercials on TV, but the TV mom would drop the disks into a glass and then you’d drink it. “OK, Tommy, just put one in your mouth, but don’t swallow it, Mm Kay?” I nodded, plopped the brown disk in my mouth and began to chew it. What happened next was a combination of surprise, foaming at the mouth, deliciously strong root beer taste and the sound of laughter coming from my older brothers. I wanted to spit the foaming concoction out of my mouth. I wanted to be big enough to hit my brothers. I also wanted more of that root beer taste overwhelming more senses.

My name is Tommy, and I’m a Fizzies addict.

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