Impromptu Stories

These stories were written in under 30 minutes usually without knowing the topic until the very last second.

Some work, others crash and burn before the timer chimes.

Summer In the Country, Berks County PA  Photographer: Wendy 60     Licensed via 500px
  • Field Mice – The return of bad Haiku

    Field mice on ice floeasking WTF we doto earn frozen toes?   Field mice on crackerscrunchy yes, but smell of fishsardine cans in trash   Field mice in space suitsWho allowed this to happen?light this candle now!   Field mice on QuartersUncle Sam’s whiskers need a trimfour quarters get you a rat   Field mice […]

    Tom No responses October 31, 2018
  • Brain Cells

    The gloves in her hands were wrung out like a wet rag to the point where the smooth leather had been stretched and torn leaving vein like striations in the calfskin. “He wasn’t always like this, Mom. One in a million or we have no documented case like his in the annals.” Mom was on […]

    Tom No responses January 24, 2018
  • Country Song

    A pickup, a dog and a former lover. I tore the page out of a mashed up spiral bound note book and threw the crumpled paper into the general vicinity of the trash can. This song was going to be my ticket outa South Dakota, only it couldn’t be as trite as anything I’d ever […]

    Tom No responses June 20, 2017
  • The Edge of Summer (a.k.a. bad haiku’s)

    SPF 50 hot sun, tan lines turn angry The edge of summer School’s first commercial Latest Pokémon foot wear The edge of summer Memorial Day Flags, parades, watermelon The edge of summer The GPS lies Not mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon The edge of summer Too late for the gym Muffin tops are everywhere The edge of […]

    Tom No responses May 11, 2017
  • Your Health is our Priority

    At first I thought it was an involuntary muscle spasm. You know, like someone hitting my knee just so. You can’t help but flinch. My right bicep would spasm at the weirdest times. At work, watching videos, messing around with my girlfriend. That was a really weird night I’ll tell you. It was always in […]

    Tom No responses May 3, 2017
  • The Vagrant

    The looted store looked like a bomb had gone off inside a decade earlier. All that was left was the unwanted refuse of society. Faded gossip magazines littered the floor revealing the juicy secrets of the Hollywood elite or the human-interest story of ‘people, just like you!’ When society collapsed so did Hollywood and those […]

    Tom No responses April 27, 2017
  • Mountain Air

    The air wasn’t still. It was heavy and leaden as if each molecule had given up any hope of ever seeing the sky. When the mountains pushed to the heavens they left a crevasse so deep that the last to breath this air was a precursor to the dinosaurs. The air was old. The air […]

    Tom No responses March 31, 2017
  • Red Marbles

    Audrey held out her hand and waited. They were heavier than she anticipated. The only thing she had ever held of equal diameter was a gumball, and that was hollow inside. By comparison the red marbles were leaden in weight, but they sparkled in the summer light and that made her happy. “Don’t put them […]

    Tom No responses March 6, 2017
  • Sandstone

    The knock on the door was not unexpected but still a surprise nonetheless. “Go away!” He shouted. “Hey Ray! It’s me, Charlie from the factory. They send me down here to check on you. You haven’t shown up in over a week and everyone was getting worried. Your kid, in Memphis said it wasn’t unusual […]

    Tom No responses February 21, 2017
  • Empty Rooms

    Jessie listened for several minutes until the neighborhood returned to normal. The moving truck was halfway to the highway on the first leg of the cross-country trip to Boston. That’s where Patrick’s new teaching job was. Patrick was driving the bus with the kids firmly locked into their car seats. She would follow as soon […]

    Tom No responses January 10, 2017