“What do we do now?”

The words didn’t need to be spoken, they were on the minds of every survivor in the camp. The old ways of doing everything was gone, as if learning that the face in the mirror you always assumed was you, was, in fact a beast from hell. What do we do now?

Pinsky looked at the other faces in turn with as reassuring a look as he could muster. It felt impossible as he learned along with the others that life, as they knew it was a lie. History was a lie. The future along with everything they had strived for was also a lie. It’s an interesting proposition to learn your entire existence had been built a falsehood.

There were mumblings from the rear that drew Pinsky’s attention. “Screw this, Pinsky. Screw everything. We decided we’re just gonna stop. Stop growing ‘n learning and adapting. It’s time to call it a day and just give it up.’ Before Pinsky could argue the group broke off and began to retreat to the far side of camp. Pinksy was sure without help or even a simple goal to strive for, this group would perish.

“Listen everyone! I know it isn’t what you expected, but that’s life. No one said it was going to be easy. I for one plan on beating this and build a future. There’s plenty of resources here, we only need learn how to adapt and grow. If one of us falls – there’s ten more to step in and step up. We’ll learn as we go and we’ll get out of this camp eventually even if it takes generations. Who’s with me!!”

For most this was the rallying cry they needed. The majority followed Pinsky to the near side of the camp and there they began to build for the future – for the day when they would break free of the camp and live, unfettered lives. If not themselves, their children’s children. Now that was worth dying for. For living for.

The small band grew into a mighty colony.


“It’s all a matter of scale,” he said opening the incubator door revealing row upon row of Petri dishes. On the scale of the Universe these microbes are, well, microbes, but to these microbes, this dish IS the universe.” He picked up the first dish, removed the cover and poked at the colony with a glass rod. “This one’s ready, It’s soggy yet green.”

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