Across the Cosmic Ecliptic (Encrypted Butterfly)

From the stage I can see it all. You’re hair golden in the haze.
The sea of bodies writhe and flatten against the sky.
Pulsating, pulsating beat hammers them in gods fiery blaze.
And we leave the earth, your golden body, hair and I.

The moon below and earth above we glide the astral plane.
Entwined our minds reveal secrets the Inca dared to whisper.
We sipped our fill of oxblood wine on the banks of the river Saine.
Outside we watched our bodies dance like many a Paris voyeur.

Through heaven’s gate we passed watching galaxies shrink to nothing.
For gods we once were and gods now again we reign as once foretold.
Alien life, Neanderthal too – were once and now our offspring.
As one body we catch light itself and cross the cosmic threshold.

The fragrance of your song breaths life to the void.
Now joined together atoms never need say goodbye.
Cascading in rhythmic clouds swirling like starry hypnoids.
We create this universe. Your golden body, hair and I.

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