Cinnamon Girl.
Are you ready for the Country?
Alabama, Albuquerque, Ohio.
Philadelphia, Mideast vacation, Eldorado.

I believe in you, Are you Passionate?
When you dance I can really love.
Fool for your love, Heavy love.

When worlds collide.
On the way home.
Where is the Highway tonight?
Fork in the road, Bandit, Cocaine Eyes.

Trans Am, Drive by, Shots.
To Far Gone, Prime of life.
When I hold you in my arms.
Slip away, Hold back the tears.

Only love can break your heart.
Falling from the face of the earth.
The Loner, Long walk home.
Pressure, Comin’ Apart at every nail.

Down down down, Down to the wire.
Everybody knows this is nowhere.
Hangin’ on a limb. Hard luck stories.

Transformer man, Violent side.
Weight of the world, F*!#in’ Up
Angry world, Bite the bullet, Don’t cry.
Lost in space, Depression blues.

Hey Babe, I’ve been waiting for you.
Pardon my heart, I’ve got a problem.
She’s a healer, Throw your hatred down.
Love and only love. My Heart.

Heart of gold, Peace of mind.
Truth be known, Little thing called love.
Will to love, Sail away.
Roger and out.

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