• Between Night and Morning

    Between night and morning I hear a silent symphony, the whistle of freight trains. Like the sirens song, beckon me to distant shores. Over the miles they whisper my name on diesel soaked melodies calling me. Calling me out, into the uncertain. Thoughts radiate incandescent. Luminous poetry, at times incomprehensible. Portals in rhythm with the […]

    Tom No responses March 21, 2014
  • Don’t Be Denied

    Cinnamon Girl. Are you ready for the Country? Alabama, Albuquerque, Ohio. Philadelphia, Mideast vacation, Eldorado. I believe in you, Are you Passionate? When you dance I can really love. Fool for your love, Heavy love. When worlds collide. On the way home. Where is the Highway tonight? Fork in the road, Bandit, Cocaine Eyes. Trans […]

    Tom No responses November 18, 2011
  • Nero’s Atomic Bar and Grill

    The diner sits on the edge of neglect. Fading neon flickers to an empty window. Worn carpet remembers yesterday’s crowds and the pie no one will taste is delicious. The crumbs live in the corners of the booths beyond the reach of cleaning rags. Formica counter tops rubbed to a dull gray. Even the gum […]

    Tom No responses March 12, 2007